On the Journey

Weekly messages from Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-24-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

In today's first reading we are called to let go of trying to fit God into our own comfortable way of thinking. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways", says the LORD. In the Gospel, Jesus' parable of the landowner and the labourers teaches us about mercy, for among God's people, there is no such thing as "first come, first served".

This parable tends to stir mixed feelings for many, especially for those listening to the story of for the first time. The topic of receiving a just pay for a day's work is something so many people have and continue to deal with even today. However, this story is not about labor justice as we think of it today. It is about God's merciful love and generosity.


Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-17-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Today’s readings speak to us about forgiveness. Peter’s question is one that many people wonder about often. Perhaps not in the same words but it is still the same question: How often must I forgive someone who has wronged me?

The Lord answers Peter’s question saying: “not just seven times but seventy-seven times”. This does not mean that we are to count a person’s wrongs and forgive him/her up to seventy-seven times. It simply means, that we are to forgive those who sin against us but they repent and ask for forgiveness. Just as the Lord forgives us when we repent and ask for his forgiveness.


Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-10-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Today's readings remind us that God wants all of us to look out for one another and He summons us to pray together: "Amen, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father.  For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

All Christians, men and women alike, are meant to be present for one another in prayerful support. Consequently, we always look for ways to foster fellowship opportunities at Holy Spirit Catholic Community. Our parish has offered annual bible studies and one-day women retreats, with great participation, for many years. However, it took a while for us to find the right program for the man of our parish until TMIY -That Man Is You!


Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-03-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

This weekend it pleases me to welcome Sean Curtis, our new Echo apprentice. Sean is an energetic and engaging individual who enjoys meeting people. So, stop and say hello when you see him around. Following is a note from Sean, please join us in giving him a warm welcome.

  • On the journey,
  • Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Hello, my name is Sean Curtis, and I will be serving as an Echo apprentice at Holy Spirit for the next two years. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. While I grew up, I became immensely involved in the youth ministry program at my local parish. I was first inspired to live out my Catholic faith through the program, and I made some of the most important friendships of my life within it. Once I left to attend the University of Portland, I started to notice just how much of an impact my youth minster had made upon me. After reflecting on that impact, I was inspired to change my major to Theology and pursue a career in ministry. Along the way, I have encountered many Echo alumni who helped draw me to the program.


Twenty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time

08-27-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Holy Spirit Catholic Community is giving this weekend to The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a worldwide community. We will be talking about their good works in the United States and around the world; and about the St. Vincent de Paul Conference in our parish. We hope to inspire you to support our local Conference with a generous donation.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was founded in Paris, France in 1988, and has since then spread throughout the world. It has conferences in some 140 countries and has more than 800,000 members. The members of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (or "Vincentians") are lay men and women who are energized by the awareness that "service to our brothers and sisters in need is in fact an encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ". More information can be found at the St. Vincent de Paul website: http://www.svdpusa.org.


Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time

08-20-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

The McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame partners with Catholic dioceses and parishes to address pastoral challenges with young adults.

The ECHO program exists as one of the leading initiatives within the institute. It is a two-year service-learning program which offers participants the opportunity to earn an MA in Theology from the University of Notre Dame and to serve the Church by working in a parish in a leadership role.


Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

08-13-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

The second week of August is always an exciting time as families prepare their kids to start the new school year. For many children, the start of the school year is a time to reconnect with friends and classmates and a time for making new friends. This can also be an emotional time for many parents with younger kids who will be starting school for the very first time, and for those with older teens who will be leaving home for college.


The Transfiguration of the Lord

08-06-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Proclaiming the joy of the Gospel is the mission of the Church. In keeping with her mission, the Church is introducing a new approach for the upcoming XV Ordinary General Assembly of The Synod of Bishops. The Church has decided to examine herself on how she can lead young people to recognize and accept the call to the fullness of life and love, and to ask young people to help identify the most effective ways to announce the Good News today. The topic for the Synod is: "Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment". By listening to their aspirations, the Church can glimpse the world which lies ahead and the paths the Church is called to follow.


Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

07-30-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Have you ever wondered what you would say if God were to tell you to ask him for anything you want? Some people might ask God to improve their finances. Many others might ask for their health or for safety from the dangers of the world we live in.

However, I wonder how many people would ask God for wisdom?

A lot of people believe that who they are and what they have accomplished in their lives, is purely a result of their personal effort. So, I guess not many people would ask for wisdom.

However, today we are reminded that just as Solomon asked God for wisdom to lead His people, and God was pleased with this request. So too, should we, ask our Lord for wisdom to lead our lives, our families, our country. I think all of our lives would be much happier if we were wiser.

On the journey,
Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

07-23-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

The start of July marked my eighth anniversary as the pastor of this parish community. I am grateful for the blessings received and for the support and dedication that Deacon Tim has provided me, our staff, and our parish. Tim is a good and honest man whose judgement I trust.

On the journey,
Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

The following letter was written by Deacon Tim.


Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

07-16-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Today’s responsorial psalm celebrates the joy of Earth’s bounty and fruitfulness. I think summer is such a wonderful season, it allows people to spend time outside and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. I have often heard people say that they can feel the Lord’s presence in nature’s beauty and I agree.

After you leave Church today, I encourage you to spend some time outside and contemplate nature for a few minutes. Ponder what you heard in today’s Gospel and ask yourselves what kind of ground you are.

Are you a rocky ground with little soil? Or are you a ground with rich soil where God’s word blooms and bears fruit?

On the journey,

Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

07-09-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

As you listen to today's Scriptures, I encourage you to open your hearts and embrace each word with hope. In the first reading, the prophet Zechariah announces how the world will be when God's Kingdom is fulfilled. A world where there will be peace in all nations, for the Lord will dominate "from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth."

Peace is something people all over the world long for. We see or read about violence, death and destruction every day, both in international media and local news. As Christians, we grieve for other peoples' suffering and pain. We do what we can to help provide comfort, and we pray for peace. We believe in God's promise of peace for all nations.


Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

07-02-2017On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

During the week of June 19 -23, our parish building was transformed into a place buzzing with color, creativity and excitement for the 2017 VBS - Maker Fun Factory. This year, 87 children, 41 teen volunteers and 9 adult volunteers came together for a week of faith building fun. Each day of the week was filled with new adventures bringing Scripture to life with interactive lessons and fun activities. Kids became hands-on inventors and discovered that every child is a wonderful and unique creation of God.

I wish to thank all of the Volunteers and members of our parish community and staff who provided their support. I also wish to acknowledge Mary Hulsman, leader of our VBS program, for her time and effort in the preparation for and execution of a great program. Well done Mary! The Maker Fun Factory is a great program for children to learn that they are all lovingly created by God.

On the journey,
Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski