Here’s how you can stay ahead of flu season

11-01-2017The Well

Flu season is quickly approaching. Here a few quick tips use you can use every day to avoid getting sick:

Wash your hands: You should be washing your hands often, especially before eating, after using the bathroom and after being around those who are ill. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose, and if you do, make sure those hands are clean.

Two methods to effectively clean your hands: Use alcohol hand gels/foam or, use soap and water. To engage your children, having them wash their hands while singing “Happy Birthday” twice which provides the 15 second requirement for clean hands and makes it fun for kids.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated: Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and other fluids throughout the day. Eating a balanced breakfast and plenty of fruits and vegetables is an easy way to prevent sickness, too.

Get a good night’s sleep: Try turning off your electronic devices before you go to bed so you are not distracted and can get your beauty rest. Also try not watching an action-packed/scary movie or television show before going to bed. Studies show that these kinds of movies keep you awake when you are trying to sleep.

Get vaccinated: Getting a flu vaccination is a simple yet important step to avoid the flu. Set an appointment with your family physician for your annual flu shot or visit Holy Spirit Catholic Community on Sunday, November 5, 2017 in the Gathering Place from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Avoid those who have the flu: Easier said than done but keeping a distance from those who are sick can make all the difference. Limit your exposure to germs that can possibly affect your and your family’s chances of catching the flu.

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