Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

01-21-2018On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

"Your Right Hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power." is the theme of this year's Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. For the past 100 years, the week of prayer has traditionally been celebrated January 18 – 25, between the feasts of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Every year, ecumenical partners in a region of the world, are invited to produce a basic liturgical text on a biblical theme. Then, the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the World Council of Churches (WWC) review the text and jointly publish it after an editorial team of the WCC and Roman Catholic representatives has edited it.

The Biblical text chosen for the 2018 week of prayer is Exodus 15:1-21. Taking part in this prayerful week moves Christians towards the fulfillment of Jesus' prayer at the Last Supper: "that they all may be one so that the world may believe" -John 17:21

Following is an excerpt from the materials published for this year's Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Your right hand, O Lord, glorious in power (Exodus 15:6)

"The liberation and salvation of God's people comes through the power of God. The right hand of God can be understood both as God's sure victory over his adversaries and as his unfailing protection of his own people. Despite the determination of Pharaoh, God heard the cry of his people and will not let the people perish because God is the God of life." A God who is compassionate and forgiving.

"The liberation also brought hope and a promise for the people. Hope because a new day had dawned when the people could freely worship their God and realize their potential. It was also a promise: their God would accompany them throughout their journey, and no force could destroy God's purpose for them."

  • On the journey,
  • Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

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