First Sunday of Lent

02-18-2018On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Most people wish to feel comfortable and have peace of mind in everything they do. It is also natural for people to want a comfortable life. Wanting to achieve this, may be one of the reasons children and young adults in our communities are encouraged to study hard and prepare for a great job with a comfortable salary. However, it is important to recognize that God makes us uncomfortable when he wants us to grow, just as Jesus must have been uncomfortable during the 40 days he was out in the desert.

Lent is a unique opportunity to learn new ways to grow closer to God. I pray you will be inspired to give up staying in your comfort zone instead of giving up chocolate this year. Perhaps we can all start by fasting from the need for attention and feast on attending the needs of others.

May you all discover new ways to experience Lent as you practice prayer with greater intent and find new ways to fast and give alms.

  • On the journey,
  • Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski