Third Sunday of Easter

04-15-2018On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

This Sunday we continue to read about Jesus' appearances to his disciples after his Resurrection. Today's Gospel speaks of his appearance to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. It is not hard to relate to how fearful the disciples must have been after witnessing the death of their beloved teacher.

Even though Jesus' words "Peace be with you" were surely comforting words to hear, the disciples had plenty of reasons to be scared. Their hearts were troubled, and they had no idea who was in front of them. Then, Jesus, who is still bearing the marks of crucifixion, invites the disciples to look and touch his resurrected body as he shows them his hands and feet.

The disciples' fear soon is replaced with joy after Jesus asks them for something to eat. Jesus sits to eat with them as he had done many times before. The disciples had come to know Jesus best through the meals they shared so, by eating with his disciples after his Resurrection, Jesus recalls all those meals, and most importantly, he recalls the Last Supper.

The meals that Jesus shared after his Resurrection unveil for us the significance of the Eucharist. Having shared a meal with his disciples, Jesus also uncovers the significance of what was written about him in the Scriptures.

Our celebration of the Mass is an encounter with Jesus, through the Word and the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Today's Gospel, reminds us that just as Jesus commissioned his disciples to be witnesses of what the Scriptures foretold, we too are called to announce the good news of Jesus' Resurrection.

On a personal note, I wish to thank you for your comforting words and kindness since my mother's death on March 3. A special thanks to the ladies from bible study for your sweet gifts and generous disposition to lift a person's heart with your baked treats.