Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

07-08-2018On the JourneyFr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts about change with you. We certainly have seen many changes in our parish through the years. I think change is an opportunity to reassess our needs before deciding what to do next.

Today I have another change to share with you, Rachelle Kramer has left her position as Music Director at Holy Spirit Catholic Community to pursue studies out-of-state. We thank her for her contributions and wish her well on her journey. A farewell note from Rachelle is below.

At this time, it pleases me to announce that your fellow parishioner and member of the adult choir, April Johnson, has graciously accepted to share her time and talent to support our liturgies. April will lead the assembly in song when we come together to worship on Sundays. Her support will allow us to take some time to reassess the music program and search for a new music director.

I appreciate your understanding and ask for your patience.

On the journey,
Fr. Dennis G. Lewandowski

Note From Rachelle

In the book of Ecclesiastes, we read, for everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven" (Eccl 3:11). It is with mixed emotions that I share the news that a new season has arisen for me. I will be leaving my position as music director at Holy Spirit as I continue to pursue my doctoral studies out-of-state.

While my time here at Holy Spirit has been brief, I am blessed to say that I have been greatly impacted by this community of faith. It has been such a joy getting to know all of you and praying with you each week. I would especially like to thank the members of the adult choir, the children's choir, and the parents who so enthusiastically and selflessly gave of their time to enrich our celebration of the Sunday Eucharist. I am really going to miss our time of sharing faith, music, and laughter together.

With regards,