Christmas Mass Schedule

Dec 23 - Dec 25 Advent/Christmas

There is an obligation for the 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas Mass.

The following will be the Masses schedule for Sat, Dec 23 - Mon, Dec 25:

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent
  • Sat, Dec 23 at 4:30pm
  • Sun, Dec 24 at 9:30am
  • Masses for the Christmas Holy Day:
  • Sun, Dec 24 at 3:00pm *Ticket required, 5:30pm *Ticket required, 10:00pm
  • Mon, Dec 25 at 9:00am, 11:00am

Office Hours

The office will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Regarding Tickets for Christmas Eve Masses

It pleases us to welcome hundreds of people to Holy Spirit Catholic Community everyweekend. Even more people come here to worship during the Christmas Holidays.Consequently, to avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of 1300 people, as requiredfor safety reasons by the Fire Department, we implemented the distribution ofattendance tickets.

For several years the 3:00pm Christmas Eve Mass had been our most attendedHoliday Mass. However, in the past two years, the number of people attending the 5:30PM Christmas Eve Mass has increased considerably. For this reason, we will nowdistribute attendance tickets for both Masses.

The health and safety of all who come to worship at Holy Spirit is our chief priority.Allowing more than the maximum number of people at any time can create problems incase of a fire or other emergency.

Please be informed that only 1300 attendance tickets will be issued for each Mass. Tickets will be individually assigned on a first come, first served basis.

If you and your family wish to attend the 3:00pm or the 5:30pm Christmas Eve Mass,this year, stop by the Gathering Place, after any of the weekend liturgies on December9 & 10, and register to obtain an attendance ticket for each member of your family.

Each family member, adults and children, registered to attend one of these twoChristmas Masses will need to bring their attendance ticket on Dec 24. Tickets will be collected at the entrance doors.

The use of tickets is intended to help maintain the health and safety of everyone inattendance by ensuring we do not exceed the maximum capacity.

We trust everyone understands the importance of these safety measures and we askfor your cooperation.