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Faith Formation Events

Adult Faith Formation (AFF) seeks to help form the faithful in such a way that they will be better able to participate in the life of their faith community. Through growing in understanding about the topic, by forming relationships with other people, and sharing faith in new ways, the participants of the learning sessions will be better prepared to participate in the faith life of the parish. Not only will they understand what is going on in their faith communities more fully, they will be able to experience it with people with whom they have built faith relationships.

Holy Spirit Catholic Community invites all parishioners to participate in the Faith Forma on programs we offer. To learn more about our Faith Forma on programs, visit the different options listed to the left.

Walk by Faith

Summer mornings – Wednesdays, 9:00am to approximately 10:30am or as long as you want!

Attend 9:00am morning Mass, then join a group for discussion on the Gospel while taking at walk over at Riverview Farmstead Preserve. The group will re-read the Gospel together, do some faith sharing, all while walking at our own pace.

This will begin on Wed, Jun 14 and we'll meet in the Narthex.

Hope to see you at Mass and then Walk by Faith…

For more information, contact Roberta Balsewicz, Director of Faith Formation at rcia@hscc.us.

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