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Prayer Blanket Ministry

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Kathy FordPrayer Blanket Ministry Leader

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What does this ministry/group do?

Volunteers make no-sew prayer blankets for the sick and hospitalized of the parish. The prayer blankets bring about support, prayer, healing, and a feeling of connectedness and caring from the parish family during times of crisis and illness. Names of prayer blanket recipients are added to the bulletin prayer blanket list and given to the Women’s Bible Study group so that the larger community can support the recipient in prayer.

When do they meet/serve?

No regular meetings. Work from home.

Who is invited to participate?

Open to anyone who is young or young at heart.

What volunteer opportunities are there?

Donated fleece fabric is given to volunteers who pick up material at Holy Spirit and make no-sew blankets in their own homes. A volunteer is also needed to sew prayer onto prayer blanket once completed.

What is the time commitment?

Approximately one hour to make one blanket. All completed blankets are brought back to Holy Spirit where they are blessed and stored for distribution.

What skills are required?

Two hands for tying knots is all that is required to make a blanket. Sewing skills and a sewing machine required of the volunteer who sews prayer onto completed blanket.

Is any training required? If so, what does that look like?

Initial training of how to make a no-sew blanket takes place at Holy Spirit and will only take 20 minutes to demonstrate.

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