Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are faithful Christians sent by God to help you through a life crisis. They are filled with God's love and knowledge, which you will find quite priceless. They'll walk closely with you and be your trusted confidant until you're whole again.

Maybe you've lost a loved one or a job on which you depend, or it could be that you have been recently diagnosed with a serious illness, and you feel you need a friend.

You don't have to go it alone when life challenges you…Just let them know of your need, and a Stephen Minister will be there.

Our Stephen Ministers Trainees go through 50 hours of training and receive distinctively Christian tools that help them be good listeners and supporters of those they minister. To connect with a Stephen Minister, contact Kathy Ford at 630-922-0081 ex. 28. She will be happy to sit down with you to discuss the process of receiving a Stephen Minister.

Ministry Information

What does this ministry/group do?

A one-to-one, gender-to-gender, confidential ministry that offers care, encouragement, and emotional and spiritual support to people who are going through a crisis or transition, such as divorce, grief, illness, unemployment, relocation, or loneliness. Stephen Ministers meet with their care receivers weekly and are a listening presence during this difficult time.

When do they meet/serve?

Stephen Ministers meet with their care receivers face to face once a week for no more than 45 minutes to an hour.

Who is invited to participate?

Adults only.

What volunteer opportunities are there?

Becoming a trained Stephen Minister with the option of becoming a facilitator of a peer support group.

What is the time commitment?

Meet with mandatory peer support group for 2 hours once twice a month.

What skills are required?

Being able to listen without judgment or providing advice. Having a relationship with God and a maturing faith life.

Is any training required? If so, what does that look like?

50 hours of training is required. Trainees meet once a week for 2 hours of training for 5 months.