St. Vincent de Paul

Fedric Ozanam is the founder of St. Vincent de Paul. He was born on April 23, 1813 in Milan France. At age 16, Frederic suffered a crisis of faith. He prayed during his darkest moments of despair asking God for the gift of faith, the grace to believe, and when the crisis ended, he promised to consecrate his life to the defense of the faith and the service of truth.

St. Vincent de Paul Society was founded on April 23, 1833. Fredric chose St. Vincent de Paul as the patron because of Vincent's deep love for God and his prominent virtue of Charity.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a worldwide Christian community based out of Catholic Church communities. Naperville has six St. Vincent de Paul Conferences (chapters) located at St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Margaret Mary, Saints Peter and Paul, St. Raphael, St. Thomas the Apostle, and the newest Conference, which was established in 2012, Holy Spirit Catholic Community.

The Society is active in the Joliet diocese, and nearly in every state in the nation and in 131 countries around the world.

The goal of St. Vincent de Paul is to bring hope to the hopeless by supplying love, food, clothing, rental assistance, utility assistance and other emergency needs.

The Society helps the poor and those with temporary needs. It is not a social service agency. The Society is a person-to-person Christian ministry that sees the face of Christ in the faces of those who are suffering.

In the Naperville area, there is a high number of families, single parents, and individuals who, due to life situations, find themselves unable to meet their mortgage payments, rent, water or utility bills. They may not be able to buy groceries and feed their children.

The Society’s boundaries for Holy Spirit Catholic Community are between Hassert Blvd. west to Rt. 59, north to 95th street, and east to Naper/Plainfield Rd.

If you are aware of a family or individual in need, please refer them to Holy Spirit Catholic Community at 630-922-0081 and they will be assisted.

Ministry Information

This is an independent ministry that operates according to its organizational charter. Holy Spirit hosts a chapter of this ministry. St. Vincent de Paul Conference reserves the right to choose volunteers to serve due to the confidential nature of this ministry, and as a result no general recruitment or solicitation of volunteers will occur or be accepted.

What does this ministry/group do?

The aim of the Vincentian (Volunteer) work is the development of relationships between individuals and God. By their work, Vincentians help develop and help this relationship by transforming situations which make the lives of people less human-situations which prevent relationships from developing with one another and with God.

Vincentians as they are called, help with needs of food, rent, or shelter, utility bills, furniture, and clothing. This hands - on ministry helps empower individuals within our community to find and unleash their interior motivation to take control over their own lives and find ways to solve their own problems.

Who is invited to participate?

People seeking assistance should call the number listed at the top of this document.

What volunteer opportunities are there?

Volunteers visit potential clients in their home to assess needs. Provide financial assistance as needed for rent, mortgage, food, utility payments, and an opportunity to listen and provide emotional support.

What is the time commitment?

Volunteers meet once a month to go over confidential client cases. Volunteers meet with clients face to face on an as needed basis to determine needs. Visits to client’s homes can take an hour or more.

What skills are required?

Nonjudgmental attitude and good listening and communication skills are essential.

Is any training required? If so, what does that look like?

4 hour St. Vincent de Paul orientation training is required.