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Prayers to Learn By Heart

God wants to be in communications with his children, just as any parent does. Our relationship with God, just as our other relationships, requires communications to remain healthy. Another word for this communication with God is prayer. God is always with us, inviting us to build a relationship with him through prayer.

The list below indicates the prayers your child will be learning about during their RE sessions. Please pray them together so your child can pray the prayer by heart. Parents will receive reminders from their child when the lesson focuses on the meaning of each prayer.

First Grade
Sign of the Cross
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be

Second Grade
Act of Contrition
Responses used during mass
Prayer before Meals

Third Grade
Apostles' Creed – Start to learn
Review previous prayers

Fourth Grade
My Guardian Angel
Ten Commandments

Fifth Grade
Seven Sacraments
Apostles' Creed

Sixth Grade
Know previous prayers
Nicene Creed