Touchstones—Adult Grief Support Group

Touchstone: suggests the PLACEMENT OF authenticity or value of something intangible, for example, love, kindness, trust.

The touchstones of our lives often are those close relationships that have meaning, such as spouses, siblings, our children, even perhaps our best friends. What we find in our “human” touchstones are perhaps characteristics of strength, trust, morally and ethically sound convictions, unconditional love, a deep spirituality, etc.

Touchstones Adult Grief Support Group recognizes the uniqueness of the individual perception of loss of a spouse, child, or parent, and the expression of grief, so reactions to a loss can vary from unbelief, anger, depression, and feelings of isolation, guilt, to name a few.

The focus of Touchstones Grief Support Group is to help grieving adults from age 21years and older, understand and move through the grieving process by providing a safe place to express thoughts, feelings, and to share their story.

Through an 8 week, weekly process through Touchstones, individuals will have the opportunity to share their story, identify or develop and utilize healthy personal coping skills, dialogue around topics such as social and spiritual concerns, and begin the process of adapting to life without the deceased while experiencing a continued, transformed relationship with the deceased.

Touchstones Grief Support Group will be offered free of charge, seasonally, with eight weekly sessions on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm.