Advent Family Event - SOLD OUT!

Add Fri, Dec 4 @ 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Craft kits have sold out!!

Please contact Kim Kroeze at to have your name put on a list in case there are extras.

This event begins in the parking lot and finishes in your home. Drop in anytime between 5:00-7:00pm to pick up your craft and enjoy the display. The first Sunday of Advent is Sun, Nov. 29. 

Our culture makes it so easy to get ready for Christmas.  We see Christmas everywhere, in the stores, the commercials, the movies and do not forget all the traditions of baking, wrapping, and decorating.  BUT what about the Season of Advent? We have just the project to help with Advent preparations!

Advent Family Project:

HSCC is the place to pick up the “Notes of Advent,” Family Project.  This project is made with a glass jar, white lights, and a decorated tree branch.  There are four ornaments to make and then to hang on the branch. This project will light up your home and your Advent as your family prays together and prepares for Jesus to come again in your hearts on Christmas.  On Christmas Day, place the Baby Jesus Ornament in the jar surrounding him with lights.  Take off the purple and pink ornaments and continue to enjoy the project during the Christmas season. 

Advent Music Component:

Each family will also receive Advent and Christmas Music.  This music will be available as a CD/and or a downloadable link.

Pick up in the Parking Lot:

Bring the whole family on Fri, Dec 4 as there will be a treat to share as you drive around to see multiple Advent displays. When you arrive in the parking lot, first stop in the Staging Area to receive the project, music, treats, and directions.  Then you will proceed at your own pace.

Celebrating Advent at Home:

  • Weekly Prayer displayed on a table tent
  • Weekly Reflections for Parents to listen to on the CD/Download*
  • Listen to the Advent Music CD/Download

*To continue preparing for Advent at home, join one of the Zoom Conversation Groups.  We made a group just for you, The Parent Group.  On the music CD/Download there is a short reflection for each Sunday of Advent.  On the Monday Zoom call from 7:00-7:30pm, Dec. 7, 14 and 21 we will discuss the topic.  To reserve a spot in the Parent Group contact Jane at by Wed, Dec 2.

Advent is a great time to develop a season for thinking of others.  Instilling the idea that it is blessing to give rather than receive.  We are collecting Board Games for boys or girls, young or old to be given to Dominican Literacy Center in Aurora.  Perhaps your child(ren) could do some extra chores to earn money to help purchase this board game.  Bring your game when your family comes to pick up the project and see the displays.