Catechists Grades 1-8

Catechist Ongoing Formation and Certification – Diocese of Joliet

New Volunteer Compliance for those working with children

Lay men and women who answer the call to serve as Religious Education Catechists provide a tremendous service to the Church. Because they lead their students by constantly striving to follow Christ ever more closely, catechists are required to complete a minimum of six (6) hours of faith formation in any of the following ways:

  • The Newman Institute's "Foundations of the Faith" sequence offers catechists a concrete path toward continuing education and Diocesan Certification; the "Foundations" mini-courses are offered locally at parishes and schools. Please see the Foundations webpage for more information or the Foundations calendar for a course being offered nearby.
  • As an online alternative, catechists may complete courses through the University of Dayton's Virtual Learning Community of Faith Formation (VLCFF) webpage.  Completion of this sequence of courses serve as the equivalent to Diocesan Certification.
  • Attend Catechist Training Sessions offered at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.
  • First Year Catechists attend a three hour class called, Diocesan Initial Formation.  See DRE for dates and locations.

Faith formation experiences can be recorded on the Catechetical Record of Formation Form which can be found below and submitted to the Holy Spirit Catholic Church RE Office. Catechists are asked to complete six hours of ongoing formation per year. See resources box to the right to print off forms, including the Parish Catechist Annual Formation Log to help you keep track of these on-going hours.  These hours can be earned in Foundations of Faith sessions, parish training or regional events, diocesan offerings, or approved online studies.