Signs of Aging Parents That Might Need Help

04-01-2018The Well

As we all know, we are living much longer than our grandparents perhaps or even our great grandparents. Our parents are living longer and as adult children we might be missing signs that our parents are having difficulty living alone. It’s hard to admit that our parents are aging, our mothers gave birth to us and nurtured us, and our fathers were our protectors and providers. So sometimes its hard to come to a realization that perhaps our parents need some assistance with activities of daily living.

The following are signs, that may indicate that an aging parent may be ready for assistance:

  • Inadequate meals, poor nutrition, spoiled food or groceries past their expiration date
  • Weight loss, decreased energy or physical fitness
  • Abnormally untidy house and clutter
  • Poor hygiene, soiled clothing and unkempt personal appearance

If these points or others are raising questions or concerns, they may signal that changes are needed, such as implementing additional help in the home or considering a move to a senior living community.  As the number of elderly adults has increased, so has the variety of living choices available to seniors.

When is it the right time to determine the need?

Aging parents, family members and a personal physician can work together as a team to determine normal aging versus a concerning decline or illness and implement assistance as needed.

Selected services to help with the activities of daily living, meal services, medication assistance, health and wellness and socialization can make a difference in an aging parent returning to a safe and satisfying lifestyle while reducing the worries of family members.

Feel free to contact Kathy Ford RN/Parish Nurse regarding options in the community and home that would best fit your mother or father. You don’t ever need to feel alone in the process.

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