Three Great Options for Giving

Automatic Debit or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

EFT is all about convenience for you and consistency for HSCC. Electronic Giving eliminates frequent check writing and helps parishioners even when they are unable to be at church. HSCC benefits from much-needed donation consistency and a reduction in the volume of checks and cash contributions that must be manually processed. Our Parish pays no fees so 100% of your contribution is used for Parish Operations. Contributions are transferred automatically on the 15th of the month from your checking or savings account to HSCC’s bank account. To sign up, simply fill out the enrollment form and mail the form to the Parish Office, 2003 Hassert Blvd, Naperville, IL 60564.

WeShare Online Giving

Online giving is another convenient way to manage your contributions to Holy Spirit. Unlike automatic debit or EFT, WeShare does charge HSCC processing fees of approximately 4%. Parishioners set up an online profile and have complete control over all aspects of giving. You set the frequency and amount of giving and make changes whenever necessary. Donations can be made using a credit card as well as a checking account. One-time and special donations for Mortgage Reduction, Easter and Christmas, Flowers, and select Holy Days of Obligations can also be made here.

Offertory Envelopes

Offertory envelopes are an easy way to contribute monetarily when you are at Mass. If you need envelopes, please call the parish office at 630-922-0081. Envelopes are mailed directly to your home every other month. You can choose between:

  • Specials – Mortgage Reduction, Easter and Christmas, Easter/Christmas Flowers and select Holy Days of Obligations. Special envelopes can be used in conjunction with EFT and Online Giving options.
  • Monthly - 12 monthly envelopes and special envelopes – an environmentally better option by decreasing paper usage and less expensive for the parish.
  • Weekly - 52 weekly envelopes to contribute on a weekly basis using cash or check; special offertory envelopes are included too.