Friends in Faith Ministry

What does this ministry/group do?

Welcomes all people of HSCC to build spirituality and friendship through sharing life experiences that connect everyday life with faith.

This is mainly one large faith group with small groups that get together in peoples’ homes for faith sharing and conversation.

It is a great way to get to know other members of the Parish!

We select a different topic or book to review together each year.

When do they meet/serve?

We meet the first Friday of every month from September to May.

At the end of the year party, which is in May, we always have some sort of collection for either Hesed House, or some other organization in the community that needs help.

We also have a movie night every year that the whole church is invited to attend. The movies we watch are always one with a message ("Fireproof', "The Gift", "Courageous").

Who is invited to participate?

Anyone over 18 years old is welcome!

What volunteer opportunities are there?

Ministry Leader, Small Group Facilitator

What is the time commitment?


What skills are required?

Willingness to:

  1. Meet new friends in faith and share.
  2. Discuss and connect everyday life topics with faith.
  3. Participate in monthly small groups of 12-16 meetings.
  4. Host meetings that rotate among member's houses of the small group.

Is any training required? If so, what does that look like?