Confirmation Year 2 (Grade 8)

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Confirmation Date: Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00pm

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Sunday Schedule

Date Session Assignment
Sep 10 Chosen 1 - Introduction to the Bible/Why am I Here? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Sep 17 Chosen 2 - What makes me happy? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Oct 1 Chosen 6 - Why be Catholic? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Oct 15 Chosen 7 - Where am I going? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Oct 29 Chosen 8 - How do I get there? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Nov 12 Chosen 9 - When did my journey begin? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Dec 3 Chosen 13 - What does the Holy Spirit do for me? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Dec 10 Our Lady of Guadalupe  
Jan 21 Chosen 14 - Why have I been chosen? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Jan 28 Chosen 15 - Why do I have to go to Mass? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Feb 4 Chosen 18 - Are you talking to me? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Feb 25 Chosen 21 - Do I have what it takes? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Mar 10 Stations/Holy Week/Easter  
Apr 7 Chosen 10 - Why tell my sins to a Priest? COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT
Apr 14 Chosen 24 - Where do I go from here?  
Apr 21 Earth Day & Caring for God’s Creation & Catholic Social Teaching