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Here are the last few bulletin available for you to download and view!

Lenten Family Event

Add Fri, Mar 5 @ 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

This year the event begins in the HSCC Parking Lot and finishes in your home. Load up the kids and drive by the HSCC Parking Lot.

  1. Families will drive by a couple Stations of the Cross displays. When the weather is better, there will be Stations of the Cross outdoors at HSCC for families pray.  More information to follow when the snow melts!
  2. There will be ingredients for a make-it at-home meatless dinner. How about serving a Pancake breakfast for dinner, yummy! You might want to donate the $$$ saved from your usual dinner to your favorite charity.
  3. Since we are focusing on the cross, families will make a matchstick and mosaic rock cross for your family to hang in your home during Lent. (Don’t worry we will have all 16,000 matches burnt and all the cross bases cut out of masonite,  long before you arrive.  We have awesome volunteers at work.)
  4. During Lent we try to practice almsgiving, so we are having a Book Drive. Bring those you have read, the ones the kids have outgrown, the ones that looked good at the time, and ones that are just plain old.  We will donate your books to an organization called SCARCE and share with others. 

$10.00 Donation per family

This includes one “Walk His Way” craft kit that each family will make together at home. There will also be ingredients for a make-it at-home meatless dinner and outdoor drive-by stations.