SponsorChat@Home Directions

OK... you have 6 weeks off from attending All Saints Catholic Academy. Sit back and enjoy an extra 2 hours for those weeks! Not really!!!

What do I have to do?

Use this time off to get to know and pray with the person you have chosen to be your Confirmation Sponsor.

How do I do that?

Well...the first step is to get the Interviewing Your Confirmation Sponsor Form. There are directions on the sheets on how to preform the interview. Plan on this meeting to be at least one hour. Of course meeting in person is the preferred way but if necessary try Skype, FaceTime or talk on the phone.

But basically you need to get familiar with talking about God together. It is not everyday you sit down with this person and share personal stories. So get reacquainted and then you will dig in to go deeper in the weeks to come.

What's the next step?

You need to get your sponsor a copy of the Sponsor's Guide. Drop it off or mail it. Ok...my sponsor has the booklet. Great…there are 3 important conversations to have with your sponsor in Part 2 of their Sponsor Guide. Since your Sponsor has the guide and you do not, follow along with the use of "Discussion Guide 1, 2, and 3". These three Discussion Guides are due at the end of SponsorChat@Home.

Start talking

It is time to dig in and explore how God is a part of your life and your sponsor's life.

Do I really have to go to Reconciliation as suggested in the second discussion?

YUP! You should go once a year. Saturdays at 4:00 at Holy Spirit.

Do I really have to read the readings before I go to Mass during these weeks?

YUP! Wait to you see how much more meaningful mass will be for you. You'll never go back. You can find the readings at sundayconnection.com OR usccb.org OR download the app; Laudate.

Last thing to do...but really the first thing to do is to pray for God to open your heart to hear him in your life today and always.