01-09-2022Weekly Reflection© LPi

What reference point do you use when making decisions? Many times, impulse takes control and decisions are made based solely on emotion and desire. We all know that these types of decisions can often get us into trouble. When a person has a confident sense of who they are and a real understanding of what is important and of value, the likelihood of kneejerk impulsive choices diminishes. Baptism gives us what we need to make well informed and purposeful decisions. By this simple gesture, God claims us as His own and provides us with the identity and purpose we need to properly live life.

It is tremendously reassuring, when we truly embrace this revelation and realize that we no longer have to wonder about the purpose of our lives or struggle to find our way. The answer of who we are in God has been given to us. We no longer have to fumble around, trip over ourselves or walk aimlessly about. Issues surrounding the sacredness of life, the meaning of death, the protection of those most vulnerable, care for the weak and the poor, offering hospitality to those in search of a home, the purpose and proper place of work, how to create a just social order, caring for creation, and understanding our roles as heralds and stewards are just a few of the wonderful gifts baptism brings. When we make decisions based on things such as these core Gospel truths we really act as Christ himself, revealing to others the new creations that we are. This is how we live our baptism.

It is difficult to walk against the tide. Yet, that is precisely what baptism calls us to do. Although we are sinners, in need of mercy and far from perfection we are called to order our life and make decisions based upon the wisdom and guidance of Almighty God. He alone is the one who can claim us as His sons and daughters. Standing up for our principles will not make us popular. But who ever said Christianity is a popularity contest? Baptism calls us to stand up for that which goes against the grain of secularism. Standing in line with other sinners, we have our anchor to steady us in the tempests of life and God is very pleased. Forge ahead. There is nothing to fear.