God Doesn't Seek the Perfect Vessels

02-06-2022Weekly Reflection© LPi

“Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man,” these words, uttered by Simon Peter, can be found on any one of our lips. What real significance do I have in the big picture of God’s Divine plan? Even though we try our best to hide it, we all suffer from a lack of faith. We get tired, confused, and often lack any sincere desire to put anything into our relationship with God. It’s easier to simply reap whatever benefits the world has to offer and call it a day. Floating along on the superficial currents of life doesn’t require much effort and seems to get us through the day. Confronting our own infidelity, apathy, weakness of spirit, and doubt in God’s providence, how can we even remotely be considered a worthy vessel of God’s presence or credible voice for His message?

This is the irony of faith. God doesn’t seek the perfect vessels. He likes the broken ones. There is something to be said about living honestly and sincerely, and wrestling with sin, imperfection, and weakness rather than skipping through the peripheries of life with pretention, arrogance, and mendacity. If we believe ourselves to be our own “god” and serve only ourselves, we close the door to ever being used by the real and only True God. But, if we at least acknowledge that there is One greater than ourselves, then even in our deepest poverty and lowliness, God can enter.

Lessons are best learned from those who suffer. Only someone who has been lonely and lost can attest to the beauty of both Divine and human friendship. Only those who have really lost their way know what happens when they are found. Only those who are afraid know what it is to be calmed by God. The Gospel is messy because life is messy. There are no black and white solutions to problems and challenges that are hazy and gray. When our hesitancy to encounter God gets replaced by friendship with God, we become more aware of our dignity and the fact that we are loved just as we are. We cannot be afraid to share our struggles, reservations, fears, and sinfulness with others. Our genuineness and sincerity will speak of the God who blesses us in our weakness.