Discover the Sacred

03-13-2022Weekly Reflection©LPi

There is so much wisdom in the first commandment. The daily demands of life, current political ideologies and dynamics, social expectations, corporate philosophies, and even technology can easily become lesser gods. We can find ourselves beholden to and held captive by these secular constructs and systems. Even for those who profess a faith in the one true God, these lesser, attractive but false gods are a temptation. Being overly preoccupied and even obsessed with the state of our present lives, we lose sight of our real destiny and purpose.

Jesus showed his disciples a glimpse of this destiny when he was transfigured before their eyes. In fact, Peter was so caught up in the brilliance, awe, and sacredness of these fleeting moments that he wanted to extend them as long as possible. Wonderful things happen when we leave our illusions and discover something that is true. This is why creating some sacred space in our lives for reflection, prayer, renewal, refreshment, centering ourselves, and disconnecting from the noise is so important. It shows us how false and shallow our lives can be and what is really of importance. Do you create some kind of sacred space in your life? Lent is a perfect time to do so.

St. Irenaeus, one of the early fathers and martyrs of the Catholic Church, said that, “he who was the Son of God became the Son of Man that man … might become the son of God.” We mistakenly believe that life is all about us. It’s not. Ours is a journey of transformation in which we become more and more one with the mind of Christ and Christ himself. St. Augustine saw this same transformation occurring when the Eucharist is received. In receiving the Eucharist, we become what we eat, the Body of Christ. Honestly acknowledging false gods that we cling to can open the door for God to show us the wholeness and holiness to which we are called. Take time to discover the sacred. When we do, we will want to stay there for a while. Then, when we return to our personal affairs, we will see more clearly.