The Most Holy Trinity

06-12-2022Weekly Reflection©LPi

In creative celebration of the Most Holy Trinity, pray a rosary with creation. Find a quiet place outside or sit near a window. Contemplate the amazing Divine Gift that is before you. Admire it. Study it. Become one with it. Ask for the guidance of Brother St. Francis as you pray: “You, Holy Father, are King of heaven and earth. You are three in one, God above all gods. You are good, all good, and supreme good, Lord God, living and true. You are love. You are beauty. You are gentleness. You are joy. You are hope and happiness.” Admire the wonder and majesty of God in all that is around you. Ask for wisdom and understanding.

Begin each decade with the Our Father and conclude with the Glory Be.

Decade one: Contemplate God the Father. As you pray each bead with a Hail Mary, get lost in the grandeur of all that you see. Imagine the thousands and thousands of years of history that is before you. Envision a time when nothing existed. What is nothing? Lift your eyes, heart, and soul to the power and magnificence of the universe, its expanse and its endlessness. You are one with it all. God’s creative power.

Decade two: Contemplate God the Son. Behold the squirrels, birds, and critters all conducting life’s business. They have heartbeats just like yours. Praying each bead, become one with the incarnate divine life that flows through you and flows with the smallest of creatures. It is holy innocence and blessed life. Tenderness. Compassion, Mercy. Reverence. All want to be held, have a home, and be loved. God in all things. Emmanuel.

Decade three: Contemplate God the Holy Spirit. The changing of times and seasons happens often without notice. It is all within God’s care and guided. We all belong. Behold the living, dying, and rising to new life. You are one with all time from beginning into eternity.

Decade Four: Contemplate God as One.

Decade Five: Contemplate God as three. All different while remaining one. The divine dance is being danced before you. Rest in what you see. Become what you see.  We are all connected: God of the Holy Trinity, creation, our brothers and sisters, the animals, and the plants.

The rosary you have prayed celebrates the circle of connectedness and the intimate relationship we share with all things: a glimpse of the Trinity.