Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

11-20-2022Weekly Reflection©LPi

It’s not unreasonable to think that if God wanted to make a statement he could do so in a very dramatic way. After all, he spoke through a burning bush that didn’t actually burn, parted the Red Sea, sent manna to the Israelites from the sky, cured lepers, healed the sick and cast out demons. All of that is pretty dramatic stuff, and they made statements! Now, Jesus hangs dying on a cross. He has been referred to as a king. Considering all of the miracles Jesus did in his short time on earth, isn’t one more in order? If Jesus came down off of the cross, defied death, and parted the waters of suffering and death, onlookers, believers and unbelievers alike, would take notice. It would prove who God is and show us what God wants us to do. Or would it?

Great spiritual masters remind us not to focus on miracles or consolations received from God. They can distract us. Doing anything other than what Jesus did would distract humanity as well, misplacing our focus. It’s not about a miracle, at least not the dramatic kind people are eager to see. It’s about something more profound. It all goes back to where it began for the earthly Jesus. God becomes one with humanity in Jesus Christ. All that goes into being human is holy and blessed, and that becomes a place where God is born, again and again. God, through Jesus, tells us to hold firm to all of the experiences of being human, the joys and the wonders, the disappointments and the failures.

God’s lesson is found in Jesus’ vulnerability. It is only when we are vulnerable that we learn how to love.  When Jesus breathed his last, God’s unconditional and tender love was realized. Jesus always had a soft spot for the weak, lost, vulnerable, and broken. God wants us to come to Him freely, not because we have witnessed some fantastic display of prowess. God desires that we find Him through who we are, as our hearts and souls direct. This will mean that our love is authentic as it will be born of the heartache, pain, and turmoil that are a part of life. The fragments of our lives need to be made whole. Our fragmented king, Jesus Christ, is the only one who can help put the pieces together.