3rd Sunday of Advent

12-11-2022Weekly Reflection©LPi

Life can leave us feeling dark and desolate. Sandy was just twenty-eight when her husband, Rob, died, leaving her to raise their two young children. She was without paid employment. Rob went to work one morning and never returned home. Sandy, though, had faith and trusted that somehow God would help her through, even though most days brought deafening, piercing loneliness. She persevered, and the darkness gave way to light. Remarking one day to a friend hesitant to commit to a relationship, Sandy shared her wisdom. Even if she knew the outcome would be the same, she would marry Rob again. She assured her friend that she would even do this if eight years could only be eight minutes. We are being led by God and God transforms the darkness into light.

“Be strong, fear not!” Those are easy words to say. Putting them into practice is the challenge. When our paths are dark and life’s roads become treacherous, we can easily complain about life’s unfinished nature. When will the pain go away? Will the loneliness ever cease? Will I experience happiness again? As the farmer needs to exercise patience with the soil, we need to do the same with our lives. We have to wait for the early and late rains to come, properly tend to our gardens, and ensure that the rich nutrients of God’s merciful and tender presence continue to enrich us. God is not done. God has only just begun his work in us.

We cannot allow life to hold us captive. The systems, agendas, protocols, regulations, expectations, and unfinished business can distract us from what it means to be God’s child. Life can leave us feeling cheated, negative, and parched. All times and seasons of our spiritual and liturgical lives lead us to three virtues: faith, hope and love. Stop complaining about what is wrong and look to what God can make right! Joy that flows from the Baptist’s message: in Jesus, the one mightier than he, are found healing, reconciliation, and freedom. Christ will save us from life’s distortions, illusions, and disappointments. Do you believe this?