Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Is 56:1, 6-7; Rom 11:13-15, 29-32; Mt 15:21-28

08-20-2023Weekly Reflection

GROW: The abundance of God’s love for us is what stood out for me in our readings today. If we consider the concept of abundance outside the Scriptures, it can be tricky. When we have it, does it imply we have too much when others have too little? If we are speaking of material things, then perhaps. But God’s infinite and merciful love for us resound in each of our readings today, and this is cause for joy. In Isaiah, the Lord announces that he will accept offerings from anyone who holds to his covenant, Jewish or not. Saint Paul stresses that God’s mercy is for all, and Jesus, after some back-and-forth with the Canaanite woman, heals the woman’s daughter because of her great faith. God never tires of desiring healing and wholeness for all his children, which is a great gift. Let this gift of grace from God be a catalyst for us to reach out in love to others so that we also can come to God’s “holy mountain and [be made] joyful in [his] house of prayer.”

GO: How can we reach out in love to others as we called to do? Perhaps we can start with our parish. Is there a ministry we have read about in the bulletin that needs volunteers? Or a coordinator? Perhaps it is time to ask God how we can be his instrument in the world. We can start small. I will never forget when my friend volunteered to run our Vacation Bible School one summer. Of course, she turned to her friends to help her with this daunting task! What she desperately needed was someone to go from classroom to classroom and lead the children in song. Talk about out of my comfort zone! But she gave me the music books and song suggestions, and pretty soon, “This Little Light of Mine” was reverberating through the halls of the school. I learned then and there that kids don’t notice the quality of your voice if you are joyful and enthusiastic. They love to sing! Take a chance and get out there. You won’t regret it.

PRAY: Lord, Jesus Christ, give me the wisdom to view my hands as extensions of yours. Give me eyes to see all people as you see them. Help me to use my voice to praise you and bring the truth of your goodness to everyone I encounter. Give me the strength to have unwavering faith. Amen.